CTV Toronto: Celebrating Syrian Refuges

Since the arrival of the Syrian Refugees in the wake of the devastation and displacement cause by the Civil War in Syria, Friends of Syria has made significant efforts in helping to make a difference in the lives of the refugees and to help them integrate into Canada.  As the video published by CTV titled Celebrating Syrian Refugees(can be seen here) has shown, the Day Away organized by Friends of Syria has allowed for refugees such as the Lyazi family to be given a chance to “get out and pick up some of life’s necessities” to adjust to a safe and secure life in Canada and to mitigate the shock of moving to a new home.  The Day Away was organized at the Toronto cruise ship terminal, and the event allowed for the Syrian refugees to meet people with similar experiences as they have and to pick up things they need to start a new life in Canada such as shoes, clothing, fabrics, food, and even furniture free of charge.  According to FoS volunteer Shirvam Modha, many of the newcomers are “so excited to get the new stuff, and the kids are loving it”.

The refugees themselves have expressed gratefulness for being able to settle in Canada, one refugee that was interviewed by CTV during the Day Away event expressed that he was “living the dream” in coming to Canada, another refugee, a child, stated that he “likes Canada” when interviewed by CTV because there is “no fighting” in Canada in contrast to the violence and suffering they had to flee from back in Syria.  The Syrian refugees themselves, in turn have also given back to the community as thanks for providing them with the means to settle in Canada, with many refugees themselves taking initiative to help those affected by the fires in Fort McMurry.

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