Syrian Refugee Families Set to Enjoy the CNE

For most of us, the CNE is a fixture in our lives. Permanently embedded in our childhood memories, it marks the end of a glorious summer and the excitement of a new school year. Kids and adults can play games, explore thrilling rides, see exotic and interesting animals, eat creative food, and experience world-class entertainment.

This year, Friends of Syria has partnered with Ethnic Media and the CNE to provide a magical outing to 1700 Syrian Refugee children and their parents.

Being safe in Canada is a huge blessing for the families lucky enough to have been granted refugee status. But settling down and adjusting to a new life, a new culture, a new language – and often – dealing with social isolation would be tough for any family. Especially one still recovering from the horrors of war.

History has taught us the key to the success of newcomers is integration. Let’s join in on welcoming our Syrian friends into our culture. Let’s build beautiful lasting memories of the CNE together.

If you would like to donate to help Syrian Families, please act now!


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