Education, Integration, and A New Beginning in Canada

Friends of Syria was first founded to provide education to displaced Syrian refugee children. Our main mission was to raise awareness of the 400,000 people who were living without hope of education or a better future. We wished for the UN to declare the education of children a top priority for the security council. Prime Minister Trudeau shared our vision. We especially lauded him for addressing the importance of educating the next generation of Syrians. These young children will eventually become the population left to rebuild a nation torn apart by war. For the sake of a safer and secure world, those children need to feel that their future offers some hope and prosperity outside of Jihadist gangs.

Education has always been, and remains, one of the key values of our organization. Friends of Syria is currently a 100% volunteer run organization focused on helping Syrian Newcomers integrate successfully into Canadian Society through education and the resulting career opportunities.

Since 2015, Canada has generously opened her doors to thousands of Syrian refugees. Now that they are here, it is our duty to help them feel at home in Canada. As so many of us know, having a stable job or business is crucial to feeling safe and connected in any society. We believe that we can help 90% of Syrian Newcomers to find successful and long-term employment in high demand fields.

Friends of Syria will partner with local colleges and Trade unions to offer Syrian newcomers the chance to train in high-demand and well-paying jobs. Launching at the end of June, we will offer families the chance to bring in a dual income by focusing on classes in Home Care, Automotive, Light Construction, Transportation, Nursing , Social Work, Translation, Welding, Paralegal, Travel and various 16 week courses for Office Work.

Graduates of these areas of study are in high demand here in Canada. We can guarantee 500 jobs after just 4 months of training. Michael York, the president of the Carpenters Union guarantees 200 positions, and Donna Goodman guarantees 300 in Home Care and Nursing positions. This is just the beginning: The Provincial Ministry of Health alone has an immediate opening for 1000 Home Care positions. With a 90% employment rate and secure integration, in 2 years time, we project that our government’s investment in education will be paid tenfold.

On Saturday, volunteer members of the Friends of Syria team met with the Honorable Laura Albanese. It is our hope that we will be working together for the well-being and integration of our Syrian friends.


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