Happy birthday dear Canada!

When time is to soon celebrate Canada’s 150 years anniversary, the important milestone constituted by this symbolic date takes an all-different meaning and carries out a purpose bigger than ever before.
By Célia Berlemont

Home of foreigners and well-known welcoming nation for generations of worldwide newcomers, Canada’s ability to integrate individuals in its society needs no further demonstration.

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison,” said Victor Hugo. Throughout the belief that education is key to a prosperous future, the words of the French poet and novelist depicts the reality of the great commitment made by the Canadian government towards Syrian migrants.

Challenging though it may seems, with firm steps and an unwavering determination, we, at Friends Of Syria, work side by side with victims of a conflict uprooting families from their houses, forcing them to a cultural unknown adaptation.

As we witness with admiration Syrian’s tenacity to offer their loved ones a caring environment, we cannot help but noticing the human capacity for hope and empowering inspiration to fight for what ones believe in. Combative and resourceful, humankind always manages to somehow surprise with a desire to heal, help, rebuild, revive and so does the Syrian’s community across Canada.

Paying a tribute to a country that opened them the doors of a new life, a handful of 6 newborns have seen themselves named after the Prime Minister. And while little Justins will now be busy crawling on the floor of their new homes, the road towards integration and support of many others remains a long way to go.

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