Letter from Friends Of Syria: Our wish for 2017


For the New Year ahead, our wish is the same wish that our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau decided to focus on when he last addressed the world on the topic of Syria.

That wish is for the world to make the education of Syria’s displaced youth a priority.

When 90 world leaders gathered at the United Nations in September to talk about the Syrian crisis during it’s opening session, it was our Prime Minister who chose to make education his focus. Others such as President Obama and fellow G7 leaders focused on how to end the conflict, but our Prime Minister alone talked about the importance of educating the generation of young Syrians who will eventually be left to re-build the nation torn apart by war once the conflict comes to an end. It is this type of forethought and an understanding of how important education is to the future of Syria which our Prime Minister expressed that allowed Canada to shine brighest that day on the world stage, and it is the same forethought that has motivated Friends of Syria to work hard and achieve these same goals.

2017 could be a watershed year for this tragic conflict and we want to able to focus on where we feel we can have the greatest impact. Our ability to build schools in Lebanon for young Syrian refugees can be increased with your support. Your small contribution of $50, $25 or even $5 via the secure PayPal link found to the right of this page, or at https://www.friendsofsyria.org will help us achieve what the future of Syria needs – a generation of citizens full of knowledge and hope, who will then be entrusted to create a safer, more secure and prosperous Syria.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Thousands of Members and supporters

Michael Homsi
Managing Director
Friends of Syria INTERNATIONAL
1 (416 ) 751 6767


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