Aleppo is burning: to have an impact, let’s act!

Dear Friends,

While some of the world leaders sit in their comfortable chairs and abuse their veto power at the UN security council, People in Aleppo are burning!! We urge you all to raise your voice and flood social media with this news.

#Aleppo is burning, and we need to step up. The largest hospital has been bombed and medical aid has been targeted.
About two weeks ago, #USA and #Russia agreed to cease bombing of Aleppo, this gave the UN a much needed window to deliver food and medication to the East side of Aleppo.
This region consists of 350000 Syrian Civilians who have been ensnared by the Syrian #AssadRegime, 40% of the inhabitants are children who cannot afford to escape the city.
Ten days ago, the first aid convey consisting of 38 large trucks filled with food and medication driven by #UNworkers reached the border of the city. Unfortunately, the Russian and Syrian fighter Jets dropped bombs on the convey killing 18 drivers and burning all the supplies. The civilians are being starved to death.

Please share this post. Syria is witnessing the worst of war crimes the least we can do is spread the awareness. Join the movement and lend the people of Aleppo your voice, they need us more than ever.

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